Jewish Wedding Ceremony

With Cantor Yosi Karavani

As a young boy in Herzliah, Israel, Cantor Karavani recalls reading the Torah for the congregation in the Synagogue his grandfather founded, and being taken to the Bimah frequently by his Cantor. He attended the Amit Yeshiva in Ranana, where the Choir leader, Mordechai Sobol, encouraged him to join the Choir in the School. Later, Mordechai Sobol make his first music album, followed by his involvement in the Israeli Chasidic Festival, The Cantorial Festival.

Choopah Ceremony
An exciting wedding ceremony including receiving bride and groom and the "Sheva Berachot" in a variety of styles.
Bar Mitzvah
Preparation of a bar mitzvah student to read the Torah and the haftara (Ashkenaz/Yemen version).
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